The Eyewall Armor® EA Hurricane Panels surpass the Florida Building Code, Texas and International Building code testing standards including the International Building and Residential ASTM standards, as well as the High Velocity Hurricane Zone found in Miami-Dade County.


Eyewall Armor ® EA Hurricane Panels

The Eyewall Armor EA Hurricane Panels are ready to take on even the most extreme weather conditions.  They have been tested to perform in wind zones in excess of 180mph in accordance with the latest Florida Building Code and International Building Code wind standards (ASCE7-10).

Superior performance

Eyewall Armor panels are built tough and offer superior performance in any kind of weather.


The Eyewall Armor hurricane panels have gone through rigorous research, development and testing to be the strongest & most durable hurricane products on the market.

material options

Storm protection doesn’t have to plunge your home or business into darkness. Our translucent polycarbonate panels enable you to illuminate your home in the day lout house before, during and after a hurricane.


Reduced insurance costs

Added property value

Easy Installation

Corrosion Resistant

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